Comanche County Memorial Hospital // Lawton, OK

CCMH is a county hospital with 283 licensed beds, about 2,000 employees, 250 credentialed physicians and about 100 volunteers.



CCMH wanted to move their existing website to an in-house management solution instead of relying on an outside vendor to make major updates. There were several major sections to their website that needed to be migrated or added, including:

  • Online Nursery – Labor & Delivery department has access to a Nursery portal in order to upload baby pictures for families to view & download.
  • Greeting Cards – Family members and friends choose a greeting card design, customize a message and submit a form with that information to the Guest Relations department. The email that is generated automatically creates a PDF attachment that is ready for the Guest Relations staff to print. The card is then delivered to the patient by volunteers during their stay in the hospital.
  • Online hospital bill pay – This portion of the website links to to receive payments for hospital bills.
  • Event Calendar