Christmas Minis


This year, with Eric deployed, Calvin and I are trekking back to Michigan for his 1st birthday, Thanksgiving and (maybe) Christmas.  I’m really excited to be close to family and friends during the holidays.

With more eyes being able to help me watch the little one, I’m taking the opportunity to expand my photography. I’ve been taking pictures as a hobby for a few years now and even attended some amazing workshops in Oklahoma, but I was always hesitant to jump in with both feet for one excuse or the other.

So I’m finally taking the plunge with my first mini session, just in time for the holidays! I still have to iron out the details but I’ll have a few sets that I will debut soon.

If you’re interested in booking a time slot, message me on my Facebook page or my contact page. These sessions will be great for Christmas cards and will be priced pretty low since I’m working on building my portfolio.



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